Lia Perjovschi

1961 Sibiu, RO 

Lia Perjovschi studied at the Art Academy in Bucharest. After the fall of communism, she challenged herself to bring information to Romania that the citizens had had no access to under their tightly controlled state. Since 1989, she has created archives, diagrams, and information rooms that tell various modern histories and visually demonstrate how we organize history. Perjovschi's projects, such as her subjective art history, collection of globes, and mind maps are straightforward in their concept but complex in their implications. Her artwork asks us to consider how the construction of history effects the structure of our thoughts and if it is possible for an individual to take control of that process.

Selected solo exhibitions  

  • Knowledge Museum Kit, Total Museum, Seoul, KR, 2015
  • I have no time for colour, Christine König Galerie, Vienna, AT, 2015
  • L’Art et l’art, Michel Rein, Paris, FR, 2015
  • Knowledge Museum Kit, MUSAC, Leon, ES, 2015
  • Knowledge Museum Kit, Rupert Centre for Art and Education, Vilnius, LV, 2014

Selected group exhibition

  • Whose Game is it?, Royal College of Art Galleries, London, UK, 2015
  • South by Southeast, Osage Foundation, Hong Kong, HK, 2015
  • Rauschenberg: Collecting and Connecting, Nasher Museum of Art, Durham, NC, US, 2014
  • Food, MuCEM, Marseille, FR, 2014
  • 31st São Paulo Biennial, São Paulo, BR, 2014