Philipp Gehmacher’s interest is in making a spatially expansive sculptural work from his concept or his utopia of the Grauraum (Gray Room). The Grauraum serves as a model for the intermediate, a space between the presentational spaces of performing arts (black box) and the ones of visual art (white cube). Both spaces attempt to avoid “distraction,” selecting black as a void or white as “sublime” plinth or framing. The work being presented consists of two different strips of dance floor, one of which is used, a readymade, and the other newly designed, both of which displaced from their usual horizontality, hoisted onto the walls, refer in their folding to themselves. This folding of the double-sided material of the dance floor enables the three previously mentioned color temperatures black, white, and gray to be made visible, becoming an autonomous object beyond its convention as a functional surface. The work’s graphic appearance facilitates associations to areas of modernism or searches for abstraction in the early twentieth century.

Exhibition view Art-Music-Dance. Staging the Derra de Moroda Archives. Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Salzburg 2016. Photo: Rainer Iglar