Andreas Siekmann, Trickle Down, 2007, Südterrasse Museum der Moderne Salzburg auf dem Mönchsberg; Sarah Morris - "Department of Water and Power (Los Angeles)", 2004 (c) Simone Rosenberg

Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Mönchsberg Valley Station

Eva Schlegel on the design of the entrance hall

„For the Mönchsberg Museum I reacted tothe specific situation in Salzburg. Since the Museum der Moderne is situated on Mönchsberg Mountain and accessible via three elevators built inside the mountain, I designed the entrance hall to the elevators as a kind of calling card of the Museum in the city. more...

Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Mönchsberg Mountain station/Foyer/Shop

Ecke Bonk - typosophes sans frontières "Gedankenexperiment", (Thought Experiment), 2003-2005
mirror, slates

Works by Ecke Bonk move in a kind of interspace between different disciplines. They refer to multifaceted interactions between art and science. Ecke Bonk introduced his so-called “typosophy” which abolished the boundaries between the different disciplines in favour of a poetic viewpoint. „No art without science / no science without art“ is one of the slogans of his “company“ typosophes sans frontières. more...

Sarah Morris - "Department of Water and Power (Los Angeles)", 2004
(Industrial coating on fire protection door) 

In her paintings and video, Sarah Morris uses a linear, architecture-related language. She intensively explores the environment of man, his (social) structure and (de)coding systems.  more...

Maurizio Nannucci - "Luminance of color beyond pure sensation…", 2008

Maurizio Nannucci has created an approx. six-meter long neon text that is composed of six lines written in two colours for the foyer of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg at the Mönchsberg. The artist has focused his statement in the centre of the foyer wall and opens a wide semantic field with the text that refers to the perception and expansion of colours. more...


Eva Schlegel – Design of the Museum Shop Lounges, 2004
Museum shop 

Eva Schlegel has earned a reputation in the world of art for her continuous exploration of the perception of images. Many of her pictorial works are based on photographs of everyday life which are given a pictorial, silhouette-like character through complex mechanical and chemical processes. mehr...

Mönchsberg Outdoor area

Andreas Siekmann - "Trickle Down", 2007

The work traces the ideological reframing of public space and the public sphere based on an ethos of ever-improving efficiency. It was produced for the exhibition (sculptur projects 07) in the publlic space of Münster, Germany. more...

Not Vital - Schlafendes Haus (Sleeping House), 2009
Permanent loan on the forecort of the MdM Mönchsberg

Originally conceived as a temporary installation within the framework of "Art in Public Space Vienna", Swiss artist Not Vital created the tenmeter-high mobile steel sculpture "Schlafendes Haus" (Sleeping House)", which gets up in the morning and goes to sleep in the evening like a human being, for the public space of Kunsthalle Wien. more...

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