Eva Schlegel, Lounge, 2004, Foto: Simone Rosenberg
Eva Schlegel, Lounge, 2004, Foto: Simone Rosenberg
Eva Schlegel, Lounge, 2004, Foto: Simone Rosenberg

Eva Schlegel - Design of the Museum Shop Lounges, 2004

Eva Schlegel has earned a reputation in the world of art for her continuous exploration of the perception of images. Many of her pictorial works are based on photographs of everyday life which are given a pictorial, silhouette-like character through complex mechanical and chemical processes. Her works are particularly fascinating because of their intentionally created lack of focus, the blurring of contours and boundaries, transformation of materiality into immateriality, giving viewers a mere idea of reality obscured by blurred images. The result is an ambivalence between the image of reality, the created artistic image and the image produced by the viewer’s imagination.
Lórand Hegyi described Eva Schlegel’s oeuvre in the following way:”Her works are characterized by simplicity, clarity, coherence of form, rigorosity focussed on essentials on the one hand, softness, hidden sensuality, mysteriousness and a poetic multi-facetedness on the other hand". These characteristics can also be discovered in her design for the lounges of the museum shop of the Museum der Moderne on Mönchsberg. Clear, simple lines and structures dominate the architecture of the four lounges which are tapered towards the rear. At the same time the cool perception of the strict forms is interrupted by the hidden sensuality of the rooms emanated by the warmth of the red sofas. An enigmatic mysteriousness is conveyed by the use of mirrors which blur the actual reality of the spatial structure and create an illusionist depth that does not exist. The lounges invite the visitor to retreat and dive into the world of literature. This diving experience is further increased by the bulls-eye shaped mirrors.


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