Maurizio Nannucci,  “Luminance of color beyond pure sensation…”, 2008, Lichtinstallation (zweifabiger, sechszeiliger Neontext), 92 x 575 x 6 cm, Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Maurizio Nannucci - Luminance of color beyond …, 2008

Maurizio Nannucci has created an approx. six-meter long neon text that is composed of six lines written in two colours for the foyer of the MdM Mönchsberg. The artist has focused his statement in the centre of the foyer wall and opens a wide semantic field with the text that refers to the perception and expansion of colours. Three lines of red neon text and three lines of blue neon text and the effect of their light blur the boundaries between the aura and corona of the individual colours and visualize the expansive force of coloured light. Where does red begin, and where blue? What is the meaning of the colours red and blue? The objective, factual meaning and the purely subjective perception of colour are the two poles around which Nannucci's statement revolves. The beholder is directly confronted with specific questions and in this way participates in the execution of the work of art, as the light installation "luminance of colour beyond pure sensation" and its underlying concept can only be completed through the interaction between work of art and viewer.
Maurizio Nannucci (* 1939 in Florence, Italy) is an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist. In his oeuvre he explores the interrelations between language, writing and meaning, between colour, light and space. At the beginning of his artistic career in the 1960s, influenced by Concretism and Conceptualism, Nannucci developed his own artistic vocabulary of forms and symbols, transcending the traditional genre boundaries of visual arts, literature and music and employing a wide variety of media and artistic means, including photography, video, sound recording, neon light, artist’s books etc.With the reduction of visual means to language and writing the artist pursues an art practice that evokes sensual perception, conveys new spatial experience and at the same time provokes cognitive processes of reflection, motivating the viewer to reflect on his/her visual perceptions. For this purpose Nannucci creates light installations which clearly demonstrate that the artist not only has a keen interest in the exploration of language, but also attaches great importance to his colour studies; and he manages to convey his enthusiasm to the viewer who is motivated by the artist to reflect on colours. Colour intensity is not used as a means of overwhelming the viewer visually and emotionally but as a fact that is transformed into an empirical value by means of conscious perception and penetration of the mind, thus sensitizing perception.In 1967 Nannucci formed the first neon tubes in his handwriting in connection with his experimental colour and material studies, making him a trailblazer of contemporary neon art. By using neon glass Nannucci transferred his monochrome word pictures and texts of his anthology of the early 1960s into a light-intensive and colour-intensive material. In this way he disengages himself completely from conventional image carriers of art and implements an expansion with his spatial installations: from the wall of a room into the entire room, from a closed interior space to a public exterior space, as the coloured neon light expands spatial lines and creates a colour-intensive, transparent and boundless space.



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