Tony Cragg, im Vordergund: Caught Dreaming, 2006, Bronze, Dauerleihgabecourtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg·Paris; im Hintergrund: En Block, 1999, Bronze, Dauerleihgabe Privatsammlung Wuppertal, courtesy the artist
Caught Dreaming, 2006, Bronze, Dauerleihgabecourtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg·Paris

Tony Cragg - Bronze Skulptures

Tony Cragg is one of the foremost contemporary sculptures. On the sculpture terrace of the MdM MÖNCHSBERG 4 bronze sculptures which have been created by Tony Cragg after 2000 are installed.
Cragg’s sculptural oeuvre, which was originally inspired by his preoccupation with English Land Art and body-conscious working methods, is characterized by an immense richness of surprising shapes and constellations. Metamorphoses of perceptions of objects, landscapes and figures are amalgamated in his works.Cragg himself likes to refer to himself as a „materialist“, who explores and seeks to expand the possibilities of the countless types of materials he uses and experiments with.
Stacking, layering and accumulation have been his work-constitutive methods since then and are still used today in modified form. Various discarded materials and household objects are transformed and re-interpreted in surprising ways.
In his works Tony Cragg is also preoccupied with space and time, movement and presence, microstructure and macroconnections, with everything connected with liveliness. Energy is another very important aspect in Tony Cragg's works. Interrelations between microstructures and macroconnections have played a central role in the visual thinking of Tony Cragg for almost thirty years and have been metamorphosed, used, investigated, transformed and blended over decades.


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