Anja Manfredi


The Austrian artist Anja Manfredi (*1978) conceives the human body and its movements as a system that is interwoven with perceptions of social norms. According to her, postures and expressions - like clothes - have a symbolic meaning which can express adaption or resistance. The artist asks, how a standardized body is defined and how it is subjected to changing ideals. Where does our body conform to social expectations and ideas and where do we protest against them?

Manfredi conducted research in libraries, archives and collections, and assembled old and current texts and pictures concerning bodies and movements. She arranged and structured this material into a "history of the development of the gesture". She documents, how postures and movements are socially encoded and are linked together by a constant interaction between ideal and individuality. In her collages, the artist juxtaposes this "archive of movement" with her own photographic art, in which she formally deals with historical patterns of movement and posture. Through this process of artistic appropriation by means quotations and juxtaposition she is able to draw the viewer‘s attention to a socially determined numbness and pathologisation of the body with the aim to challenge traditional notions.

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