Hubert Scheibl: plants, murders and other gangsters, 2013, Zeichnung und Skulptur, Foto: Ditz Fejer für Atelier Scheibl 2013, © Hubert Scheibl; Minds and Mushrooms, 2008, Öl auf Leinwand, 240 x 350 cm, © Hubert Scheibl; Hard to be one, 2012, Skulptur/Lehm, Papier, 40 x 16 x 25 cm, Atelier Scheibl 2013, © Hubert Scheibl; plants, murders and other gangsters, 2013, Zeichnung und Skulptur, Fotocredit Ditz Fejer für Atelier Scheibl 2013

Hubert Scheibl

Plants & Murders

Hubert Scheibl, who was born in Gmunden in 1952, studied under Max Weiler and Arnulf Rainer in Vienna. In the 1980s he was part of the Austrian artist group “Neue Wilde“, whose large-format pictures are characterized by an individual, gestural and defiantly abstract painting style with exuberant colourfulness.
The exhibition Plants & Murders was realized in close cooperation with the artist and gives an impressive insight into his artistic work of the past few years, including paintings, works on paper and sculptures. Scheibl focuses on the wide subject area of nature and its boundless elemental forces. Our own existence is subjected to these forces and at the mercy of nature. The exhibition revolves around such concepts as expansion and resistance, (self-) development and suppression, narrowness and wideness, chance, chaos and order, attraction and aggression, growth and decay, which Scheibl depicts in dynamically abstracted pictures, which frequently include references to flora and cosmic structures. The artist congenially contrasts the works on display with his collection of botanic models by Robert Brendel, which were produced towards the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century in Berlin as teaching objects.

Plants & Murders premiered in the summer of 2012 at the Museum der bildenden Künste in Leipzig, Germany, and has now been substantially expanded for this comprehensive exhibition at the MdM SALZBURG.



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