I and the others

Collection on Display VI

The image of the individual – whether artistic self-portrait, personal representation or chance snapshot – is always in the context of the image of society and other people. This may be expressed in the highly individual relation between portrayer and portrayed, or in the dialogue between the individual and the masses. The anonymisation of people in an urban structure is a motivation for the photographer, just as the search for the specific in the representation of the individual. Examples here come from the collections of the MdM, the Federation and the FOTOGRAFIS Bank Austria, by artists including Étienne Carjat, Ernst Haas, Inge Morath, Angus McBean, Fritz Henle, Beat Streuli, Dominik Steiger, Manfred Willmann, Nikolaus Walter, Bitter/Weber and Katharina Struber

Curated by Margit Zuckriegl



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