Elger Esser, Saint-Valery-en-Caux, 2009, 182 x 240 cm, C-Print/Diasec, MdM–Salzburg, Schenkung Thaddaeus Ropac, © VBK, Wien, 2013, Foto: Hubert Auer

Land in Sight!

Landscapes from the Collection

In conjunction with the exhibitions New York/Maine with works by Alex Katz and Rudy Burckhardt, who focus on images of urban life and countryside scenes, the MdM SALZBURG presents an exhibition of contemporary landscapes from our own collection. Based on different artistic positions, the aesthetic representation of landscapes is presented as an expression of multifaceted statements which divide the exhibition into several subject areas. They deal with places of desire and fictitious utopias, the intervention of people at the interface between nature, culture and civilisation, about landscape as a metaphorical means of expression of contemporary history or about atmospheric representations which convey the impression of standing alone in the forest.

Tuesday - Sunday: 
10.00 am - 6.00 pm
10.00 am - 8.00 pm
Monday: closed