Lukas Birk, Installation: Kafkanistan, 2005-2008, Dara Gun Factory 1, C-Print © Lukas Birk, Leihgaben des Künstlers; Markus Oberndorfer, "Autrement on devient fou.....", Interview mit Henri Lavrillat (*1920) aus der Serie "Autrement on devient fou....." Villeneuve-sur-Lot, 14. März 2012, 31:27 min, Video © Markus Oberndorfer, Leihgabe des Künstlers; Gregor Sailer, aus der Serie: Closed Cities, 2011, Archivpapierprints, 19 x 31 cm, Österreichische Fotogalerie/Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Under Pressure

Politics in contemporary photography

Political action is never free from emotion. Every revolution needs strong feeling. All "isms" – from fundamentalism through nationalism, to racism and sexism – instrumentalise both emotion and rational thinking. Nevertheless, public – as opposed to private – political space is still fixed in the collective consciousness as a place of reason. This is a persistent thought-pattern which can be broken down only superficially with the classic instrument of reason – as for instance through language or academic discourse. How else? This exhibition, which consists predominantly of new acquisitions from the past five years, deals with the fact that images can serve to spark off critical discourse on present-day conflicts, as well as to fuel confrontation with our own history. As the starting-point of the exhibition, which is divided into several subject areas, Tatiana Lecomte, Arno Gisinger, Klaus Fritsch and Markus Oberndorfer make a study of the perception and reception of history, documenting this in their works. In Closed Cities we are confronted with politically motivated architectural marks in the landscape. The works of Oliver Ressler and Heidrun Holzfeind show political disobedience and civil resistance; in his installation Kafkanistan, Lukas Birk demonstrates the absurdity of catastrophe tourism in conflict areas such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Curated by Katja Mittendorfer-Oppolzer

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