All: William Kentridge, <i>The Procession of Reparationists</i>, Exhibition views, Rupertinum, 2017, © Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Photo: Rainer Iglar

William Kentridge

The Procession of Reparationists

William Kentridge's installation The Procession of Reparationists in the Rupertinum's atrium, created in conjunction with his exhibition Thick Time. Installations and Stagings, will remain in place for a full year.

William Kentridge (1955 Johannesburg, ZA) rose to prominence in the 1990s with expressive drawings, which he animated in videos. His oeuvre, which covers four decades, has featured different artistic disciplines. For many years, Kentridge has been working successfully on major opera and theater productions. His close relationship with the theater, where he has worked as an actor, producer, set and costume designer, informs his visual art, and vice versa. His multimedia installations for exhibitions and the theater combine outstanding draftsmanship with theatrical vitality. A theme that runs through his entire oeuvre is his preoccupation with colonialism, revolution, and exile, and with the meaning of time and its manifestations. His art blends the epic with the mundane, comedy and tragedy.

Kentridge's installation of figures cutout and torn from black paper in the Rupertinum atrium was commissioned in summer 2017 in conjunction with his exhibition, which was presented at both venues of the museum. The artist hereby takes on his favorable topic of a procession, which in this case moves from the ground floor up to the second level in the Rupertinum atrium. Arranging his figures in the arcades, Kentridge integrates his work into the Rupertinum's architecture, making it a monument to his characters. The figures are related to a project by the artist that he created for the vacant steel factory Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin, IT. In this work, Kentridge establishes a monument for the migrant workers in the Italian steel industry and their history carried out in steel.

Curator: Sabine Breitwieser, Director, with Tina Teufel, Curator

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