Younger than Yesterday

30 Years Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Jubilee Exhibition featuring the Artists
Büro Josef Böhm • Barbara Musil • Elisabeth Schmirl

This year the Museum der Moderne Salzburg celebrates its 30th anniversary. To mark this occasion, the museum will not only reflect on the past, but - more importantly - also wants to look to the future. On the occasion of its 30th anniversary the MdM RUPERTINUM therefore organises three exhibitions which present the works of contemporary artists from Salzburg, put into context with works from the museum's collection:
"Büro Josef Böhm", Barbara Musil and Elisabeth Schmirl. Our jubilee exhibition thus creates a platform for these young artists and offers them their first opportunity to bring their work to the attention of a wider public in a museum exhibition.

The artist collective "Büro Josef Böhm", consisting of Franz Bergmüller, Hans Pollhammer and Ingo Huyer was founded in Salzburg in 1990 and focuses on performance, film and object art. For the jubilee exhibition the collective "Büro Josef Böhm" designed a spatial installation with an unconventional model railway landscape that invites visitors to embark on an imaginary(time) travel through the history of the MdM RUPERTINUM. The exhibition leads past selected works from the museum's collection which can be contemplated from an entirely new perspective as a result of the artistic intervention of a projected tracking shot. The main focus lies on prints from Classical Modernism depicting landscape and movement, including works by Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Kokoschka and Kubin, presented within the context of the spatial installation.

The "cabinet of wonders" was invented as a forerunner of museum exhibitions in an attempt to come to terms with the complexity of the universe and visualising connections visible by collecting objects and arranging them side by side. The assembled works of art, curiosities and exotic items invited visitors to discover the small wonders of the world. Especially for the MdM SALZBURG artist Barbara Musil (*1972) created an installation consisting of selected items from our collection by arranging all kinds of different works of art side by side as equals into a new, pleasurable type of exhibition. In this way, the artist attempts to reflect the value of art and moves between rational systems of reference and playful principles.

Elisabeth Schmirl's (*1980) work is based on research into digital pictorial media. The artist filters these seemingly endless holdings into a unique collection, adds keywords and sorts them according to categories such as space/stage, mask, group, men, women. She also applied this method in her exploration of the museum's collection database and selected a number of works which contributed specific elements to her own, newly created graphic works. Her main focus is on portraits, the juxtaposition of private and public space, female and male groups and connections between past and present. In the exhibition the artist's own work on paper and a painting are juxtaposed with their models from the collection.

At Eye Level - Archive & Laboratory
From Three Decades of Art Education

The art education department of the MdM SALZBURG celebrates its 30th anniversary this year - a perfect occasion to dedicate an exhibition to its activities. In cooperation with the artist Martin Gredler, our art education team has prepared a very dense exhibition consisting of a multitude of objects, including historical and current works by children and adults created in numerous workshops and now transferred to the exhibition room. Without comment, this archive is mixed with educational objects and works, specially created for exhibitions to explain contents, connections and approaches. However, none of these objects appears in its specified function, they are modified with every appearance and use until they finally reach this presentation. This metamorphosis of the objects on display, both individually and in its entirety, is meant to evoke the laboratory character of art education. The spectator is a team member, designer and partner at the same time. The product is more than the object.

Our art education team understands its activity as an organised game of manifold possibilities of arousing curiosity, making people want to look behind works of art, learning to see or knowing more about art than the information beside the picture on display reveals. At Eye Level uses a playful approach and wants to narrate and show as well as hint at the multitude of possibilities.

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