Augustinerbräu parking lot

Design studios/Professors Quintus Miller, Valerio Olgiati

Keywords: expansion of the historic town center / keep on building / access to the Mönchsberg mountain

Mülln, a Salzburg neighborhood which name derives from the mills (Mühlen) that were located here since the Middle Ages, is located just outside of the city center and dominated by the steeple of the Müllner Church, visible from afar. Associated with this location is also the Müllner Bräu, one of the city’s favorite beer gardens. The parking lot beneath the monastery brewery at the foot of the Mönchsberg is an urban wasteland clearly not being used in the most appropriate way possible. However, the goal of this project was not to question the function of the parking lot, which is key to the beer garden, but to improve the site by adding other uses, for instance for residential, leisure, and employment. Additional motifs in rethinking the plot were considerations of how historical Mülln could be linked to the nearby huge complex of the regional hospital, by way of additional construction.

A central concern in the planning of Quintus Miller’s class was thus a user-oriented completion of the parking lot and thus creating a new identity. The ideas of Austrian architect and urban planner Camillo Sitte (1843–1903) how the spatial link between buildings, monuments, and squares significantly influences our perception of urban planning plays an important role in the design.

Photos: Günter Richard Wett