Railway station

Design studios/Professors Jonathan Sergison, Valerio Olgiati

Keywords: connecting with the city / reestablishing emptiness / redefining the site

The neighborhood around the railway station is one of the city’s most important spatial resources. The linkage of all important modes of public transportation—the railroad and the urban and regional bus networks—means that the city continues to develop here. The favorable aspects of the location, resulting in particular from the urban consolidation that is being pursued here, also results in problems, and those responsible for planning the area are quite aware of this. The goal here was to make suggestions for a narrow strip around a kilometer (approx. one thousand ninety three yards) long on the eastern side of the station, a plot that could actually be available for use within the coming decade. The impulses that are here being set define the entire neighborhood of the Schallmoos district and the area around the station can thus be seen as exemplary for planning marginal areas in growing cities.

Urban planning today no longer takes place simply on the drawing board. It has to do much more than decide architectural forms and density. The abstract concept is to be enriched with a concrete idea and the promise of a real living space. Jonathan Sergison’s students took the potential for the future development of Salzburg as a point of departure for their individual projects. Each student developed a master plan of their own for the entire area. From this, individual buildings of primarily residential use were developed in more detail to illustrate the qualities of each design in various dimensions.

Photos: Günter Richard Wett