Trade fair site

Design studio/Professor Frédéric Bonnet

Keywords: the city of the 21st century / technology and infrastructure / for an urban topography

The space occupied by the large parking lot at Salzburg’s trade fair site should be put to better use. Beside its concrete, site-specific situation, the parking lot can be seen as an example of many similar sites that exist all over the city. The designs proposed are thus meant to provide general approaches for similar areas, especially along the freeway. From the start, the goal was not only to focus on the architecture and the optimization of functions and utilized space, but to treat landscaping and ecological aspects as equal in importance.

On the fifteen-hectare area (one hundred eighty thousand square yard), various dimensions of urban planning come together. On the one hand, the area is located directly alongside one of Europe’s busiest freeways. Not far from it is an almost rural area that borders on an existing residential community of single-family homes. Another area includes the architectural interstice with new functional buildings of urban life, including the Salzburg Arena.

The projects developed in the class led by Frédéric Bonnet try to offer practical scenarios for the four quite distinct urban realities.

Photos: Günter Richard Wett