Design studios/Professors Mario Botta, Valerio Olgiati

Keywords: endless history / the city and its market / the square and Mirabell castle

Since one-hundred years ago the Mirabellplatz remains an unsolved architectural problem of the city. Numerous competitions have been held and urban initiatives planned to redesign the square. However, all attempts to “heal” it with architectural means have somehow changed the dilemma it faces for the worse. To take on this Herculean task once again, without representing economic interests, is a task to which the university is uniquely suited. At stake is not an immediate realization, but a vision for the development of the area. The Mirabellplatz is a kind of melting pot within the city: while the municipality is located in Mirabell Palace on one side, the church St. Andrä and the city’s most popular and very busy weekly market are on the other side of the square.

The necessity of redesigning the square to create a new urban space is the primary impetus behind the designs of the class led by Mario Botta. In creating a spatial structure or an architectural object in the broadest sense, the attempt is made to include existing underground and above ground parking. Beside residential and business functions, the range of utilization should also include offers from the tertiary sector.

Photos: Günter Richard Wett