Northern Kapuzinerberg

Design studio/Professor Jan De Vylder

Keywords: a place of culture–subculture / rethinking the site / putting topography into play

Along the Schallmooser Hauptstraße, there are several small structures, quite open in their arrangement. Apart from a few historic beer cellars, these structures have no special architectural significance. The steep northern flank of the Kapuzinerberg casts a shadow over the area. The beer cellars used the damp micro-climate for storing the malt beverage. Today, a whole series of cultural institutions have taken up residence here: das kleine theater, right next door the dance academy SEAD, and a few steps further on, the Rockhouse.

The Belgian architect Jan De Vylder and the students participating were a great fit to strengthen this fragile urban texture with the targeted interventions. By way of sensitive insertions and additions, they emphasize qualities from the existing buildings and surfaces that until now nobody had seen or understood. The designs are less concerned with urban planning in the narrow sense. Instead their aim is to alter the space by placing buildings in new relationships with one another and thus allowing a vibrant neighborhood to emerge. The seven buildings or architectural structures that the individual students designed for the workshop have neither a historicizing background nor are they intended to transmit ideas of a new modernism. Like a chess game, they represent a range of various related figures.

Photos: Günter Richard Wett