Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Keywords: reaching the site / the panorama of the city / expanding the museum

The exhibition treats the location where it is being held. From the outset the new museum building on the Mönchsberg was highly criticized among the local population. The project chosen by a jury had not even been completed when a new competition was held for an elevator on the rocky side of the Mönchsberg. The proposal by the Vienna-based architectural firm Delugan-Meissl, again selected by a prominent jury, was never realized. The discussion of how the museum on the mountain could be connected to the city and how the building relates to the city, is still underway. This is cause to reexamine one of the most prominent construction sites in Salzburg.

Based on the buzzwords for the area—museum, panorama, and link—the students in the class led by Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus sought to capture the atmosphere of the location in order to develop their designs, as it were, as a physical progression of an idea. In the best of cases, this results in a unique architectural gesture that contains a great functional freedom, but also pays tribute to the context and enters into a relationship with the existing landscape.

Photos: Günter Richard Wett