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Eine Edition zur Ausstellung William Kentridge

Lulu Act 3 Sc 1, 2017

Linocut on paper, colored mounting

Sheet: 44 x 39.5 cm

Image: 20 x 26.5 cm

Edition: 45

Numbered and signed by the artist

The graphic prints by William Kentridge to help finance his exhibition Thick Time. Installations and Stagings at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg are based on a drawing made for his production of the opera Lulu by the Austrian composer Alban Berg.


Sheets 1 to 45       €2,500 each

Not including transport, insurance, and packaging

Exclusively for members of the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg; only one sheet per person available. The annual membership subscription costs €100.

All proceeds from sale of the edition will be used to fund the exhibition Thick Time. Installations and Stagings by William Kentridge.



Eine Edition zur Ausstellung Alex Katz. New York/Maine

Alex Katz
Choichun, 2013
Aquatinta, 38,7 x 51,4 cm
Auflage 30 Stück
€ 2.900,-

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