Exhibitions: Spring 2015

After a successful first year at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg I should like to thank both visitors and the media for the extremely positive feedback.  My announcement of continually “getting us out of the comfort zone and putting the museum in motion” will be continued in 2015. Once again, prominent artists and a multidisciplinary notion of art will be the focus of this year’s program, very much in accordance with Max Reinhardt’s vision of the city as a stage. We hope to provoke lively discussion in which our ever-growing collection will also play an important role.
We are opening the season with an exhibition on Expressionism as an art movement launched in the
early twentieth century, continued through Neo-Expressionism and to the present, on view in the Rupertinum. Our new modern art curator, Beatrice von Bormann, will offer her first impression of the collection, including new acquisitions.
I am extremely pleased that my long-term focus on women as pivotal figures in art is continously shared by other museums. This spring we are staging a comprehensive exhibition of the works of the influential artist Andrea Fraser, which covers a thirty-year period and includes her installation in the Austrian pavilion at the Biennale in Venice in 1993. In this context, we invite you to an “Academy” in the form of workshops and seminars offered by educational institutions from Austria and other countries. I hope many of you will register for some of the events to find out more about cultural capital.
It is important to me to have a museum that is well integrated in the city and the province. The exhibition Salzburg Unbuilt offers a completely new view of Salzburg. On our behalf, Roman Höllbacher, from Initiative Architektur, has investigated countless discarded building projects. His selection also narrates the architectural history of our museum.
I am particularly pleased that the rotating shows featuring works from our collection are among our most popular exhibitions. For the first time, an audio guide spoken by me and my co-curator will accompany you through the current collection display, a dialogue between our modern prints and works from the Generali Foundation Collection. At the end of April the collection will be reinstalled by me and the newly appointed curator of the Generali Foundation Collection, Petra Reichensperger.

Sabine Breitwieser, Director

10 years Museum on the Mönchsberg

This fall, the Museum der Moderne Salzburg celebrates the tenth anniversary of its new museum building on the Mönchsberg with five high-caliber exhibitions at both locations, four of which will be held in the Mönchsberg building. Following a lengthy developmental phase—as is widely known, the first global branch of the Guggenheim Museum in Salzburg was originally planned for this site—the current Museum der Moderne Salzburg opened its doors in the fall of 2004. 84 exhibitions have since taken place with huge public participation.

I am extremely pleased to celebrate the commencement of our second decade with you with an open-house event on October 26, 2014. Just one month later, on November 30, 2014 we will inaugurate the Amalie-Redlich-Tower,a center for art education and an artist-in-residence studio apartment, made possible by a generous donation from the Jorisch family.

Following the first presentation of works from the recently acquired Generali Foundation collection, we will show a further selection in dialogue with our extensive inventory of prints beginning October 25, 2014. Beatrice von Bormann, our new curator for modern art, and I have embarked on a research of works of art in our collections related to the subject of Systems & Subjects. This collection exhibition extends from the early twentieth century to the present and features works by artists such as Max Beckmann, George Grosz, Max Klinger to Harun Farocki, Hans Haacke, Mary Kelly, Július Koller, Anna Oppermann, Allan Sekula, Andreas Siekmann, and many more.

The celebrated German sculptor Isa Genzken has created a new, twenty-part sculpture group that will be presented for the first time in a focus exhibition in fall. This show will coincide with Self-Timer, an exhibition with works from the Austrian Federal Photography Collection on permanent loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg and augmented by works from international artists. The fall program will continue with Dance of Hands. Tilly Losch and Hedy Pfundmayr in Photographs 1920–1935, based on an event at the Salzburg Festival, and organized in collaboration with the Photoinstitute Bonartes. We will close the year with a widely expected solo exhibition of Etel Adnan, a painter and writer originally from Beirut now based in Paris.

Sabine Breitwieser, October 2014


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