Foto: Maria Ziegelböck

Launching the new program

I am extremely pleased to present the first exhibitions and events that have been organized under my directorship at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg. In addition, our program has been given a new look, developed by Viennese designers Perndl & Co. Modernity was striving to articulate a universal language. In response to that, we have transformed the abbreviation MdM (Museum der Moderne) into a contemporary abstract sign. We are curious about the multiple readings of our new logo, within one might also see the museum building on Mönchsberg reflected.

As announced (1), I would like to increasingly open the Museum der Moderne in the festival city of Salzburg to an expanded concept of art, to art that crosses disciplines, genres, and media, thereby realizing new alliances. We will also be increasingly turning our attention to artists whose geographic origins—tied with specific themes in works—offer an important contribution to our polymorphic society. Something that is counter to the canon in one place can already long be an important part of museums’ holdings elsewhere.

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg is therefore greatly honored to organize what is possibly the most comprehensive retrospective in the German-speaking world, and in Austria, the first, dedicated to internationally renowned artist Ana Mendieta. In Austria, as it is widely known, the social uprisings of the postwar era did not take place on the streets, but instead, in the arts. One of the most pleasant surprises for me after taking up the directorship was evaluating the extensive holdings of so-called Viennese Actionism. Juxtaposed to our collection of works by women artists, who—for their part, as reaction—demonstrated to us an entirely different image of women and the body, made this enterprise even more revealing. The fact that we are now able to exhibit these works thematically, and in dialogue with the works of Ana Mendieta, who was inspired by many of these artists, presents to me a great opportunity I am extremely pleased to share with you.

At the beginning of this year, the Museum der Moderne Salzburg announced its comprehensive partnership with the Generali Foundation, in the context of which, the renowned collection of this long-standing Viennese institution has been entrusted to the Museum. An initial selection of works from this collection will now be presented in Salzburg based on several thematic threads thereby formulating a prologue for the planned collection exhibitions, which will rotate several times a year.

Sabine Breitwieser, March 2014
(1) See also On New Paths - Direktor's Introduction

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