MdM Rupertinum, Foto: Marc Haader
MdM Rupertinum, Arkadenhof, Foto: Marc Haader
MdM Rupertinum, Zugang/Hof, Foto: Marc Haader


The Rupertinum, situated in the centre of the old town, was mentioned for the first time in 1350. Under archbishop Paris Lodron, the town palace „Collegium Rupertinum” was used as seminary. Finished in 1633, the town palace was built in early baroque style. The house has a prominent location between Franziskaner Church and Kollegien Church and has been used as seminary by the Archdioceses of Salzburg for many centuries.

Until 1974 the Rupertinum was used as student dormitory. In 1983 the Rupertinum was opened as Salzburg Museum of Modern Art and Graphic Collection.

Over the years the facilities of the Rupertinum have been adapted to comply with international standards; the most extensive refurbishment took place in 1999. Today the building offers ideal conditions for exhibitions of graphics and photographs. On Max-Reinhardt-Square the building opens into a courtyard typical for houses of Salzburg’s old town.

Museum der Moderne Salzburg site Rupertinum recently reopend with the exhibitions Visual Wit and Social Critique. Satire from Goya to Grosz. With an installation by Dan Perjovschi and Rediscoveries and New Acquisitions. 140 Years of Art in the
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and the newly opened Generali Foundation Study Center.

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