• Museum der Modernen Salzburg, Amalie-Redlich-Turm, Foto: Marc Haader

Jorisch Family Artist Residency

Artist-in-Residence Programm im Amalie-Redlich-Turm

Already since 2001, while working on the concept for the new museum building on the Mönchsberg, it was planned to include the historic water tower that had been built in 1892 and was included in the architectural concept of the building, as a so-called Tower of Education in the museum context. The restitution of Gistav Klimt’s painting Litzlberg at Lake Attersee (1914/1915) to its legitimate heir Georges Jorisch in 2012 enabled the restoration of the water tower: In recognition for the County of Salzburg and the personal engagement of the former director of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Toni Stooss, for a quick and unbureaucratic restitution of the painting, Mr. Jorisch reciprocated and donated 1.3 mio. Euro for the reconstruction of the tower. With support of the Association of Friends of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg and further sponsors also the interior and the technical equipment could be financed. The reconstruction of the tower was finalized in October 2014. Named after the initial owner of Klimt’s painting, Amalie Redlich, the water tower now offers office spaces for some of the museum’s staff, as well as facilities for art education workshops for over 4,000 kids and young adults per year and an artist studio apartment for the residency program.

Since 2017, a yearly residency is organized in collaboration with Concordia University in Montréal, CA, and the Jorisch Family Endowment, which addresses Canadian artists. Students are encouraged to apply for the four-week residency in December, which will then take place in July and August of the following year. The selection is made in collaboration with the Museum der Moderne Salzburg especially taking into account proposals that ideally consider the museum’s exhibitions and/or collections and/or the city of Salzburg. The artists-in-residence are encouraged to be in exchange with the museum’s team and people engaged in Salzburg’s cultural life and to conceive and realize works, projects, texts, events and the like.

Jorisch Family Artist Residency

Concordia University Montreal



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