Allow me to introduce myself: I am the new director of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg. I look forward to organizing a diverse program of exciting exhibitions and hope to see many of you at the museum.

The program of upcoming exhibitions listed in the following pages was put together by my predecessor, Sabine Breitwieser, and I would like to use this opportunity to thank her for her successful work over the past years.

A large set of Oskar Kokoschka’s prints is one of the greatest treasures in the museum’s collections, and this fall’s presentation showcases its richness and complexity. Meanwhile, the exhibition Power of Language brings together numerous key works from the collections in a wide-ranging art-historical survey that explores the potential of language as a material of visual art.

A monographic show at the Rupertinum honors the Austrian artist Lisl Ponger, who received the Otto Breicha Award for Photography in 2017. Her work in photography and film scrutinizes the genesis and impact of images of “others.” Another major exhibition will pay homage to Camera Austria, an internationally renowned photography club in Graz whose decades-long efforts have been crucial to the flourishing of Austrian photography.

Looking ahead, I can tell you that the spring of 2019 will bring presentations of the art of Asger Jorn and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, two masters of European modernism. In the summer, the well-known Israeli artist Sigalit Landau will come to Salzburg for a solo show in our galleries.

The entire team of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg is looking forward to your visit!

Thorsten Sadowsky



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