The museum’s programming in 2021

2021The exhibitions: an overview

Traveling and being on the road, how we see and picture the world, an analysis and critique of structural violence and gender-specific power in their various dimensions, racism, a renewed push to bring in non-European perspectives, basic questions of identity and belonging—the exhibitions the Museum der Moderne Salzburg presents in 2021 will address these and other fundamental concerns, shedding light on them through the diverse works of internationally renowned artists. Particular emphasis will be placed on presenting the work of women artists.

“With our ambitious programming for 2021, we want to address pressing contemporary concerns such as violence, identity, racism, postcolonialism, and our relationship with nature. Thinking the other and integrating non-European perspectives are crucial to overcoming parochial perspectives. Art knows no borders, and one key part of a museum’s mission is to encourage people to broaden their horizons. We’re not trying to lecture anyone—we proffer ideas for how art can help all of us better understand today’s world,” director Thorsten Sadowsky explains the museum’s plans for 2021.

Exhibitions 2021


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