The exhibition project The Museum as a Space of Action focuses not on art, but rather on its audiences in times of social changes.

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg addresses in this project questions about the changing nature of its audiences and its role as an interactive space. Prior to the exhibition, groups representing different interests and communities were invited to a series of workshops. Together with art educators and artists, participants used the museum as a space in which to explore subjects and issues of concern to them. The final stage in this open project brings together the topics addressed and the resulting works in an exhibition, which, in turn, will involve further interventions by visitors.

In the films, sound installations, sculptures, and photographs created during the workshops, people from a wide range of backgrounds, together with established artists, present their perceptions, views, memories, and thoughts about the future in the context of living together in this city, thereby inviting further discussion. The exhibition’s audience, both inhabitants of and visitors to the city, are invited to expand on this explorative process by contributing their own thoughts and actions.

The Museum as a Space of Action ― Topics and project participants:

Silent Witnesses of the Everyday―Soundscape Salzburg
Pupils and teachers, Paracelsus-Schule Salzburg
Shahriyar Farshid, composer, student of composition, Mozarteum University Salzburg and Anousha Farshid, pianist, University of California, Irvine, US, and student of electronic music, Mozarteum University Salzburg
Martin Hickmann, set designer, sound engineer, Salzburg

Salzburg in Salzburg—Faces of a City
Young people with migrant backgrounds, Salzburg
Ferhat Ayne, artist, Stuttgart, Zurich
In cooperation with Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg

Where do I belong―Identity Lab; A Sensing of Self
Pupils and teachers, Montessori primary school Nonntal,
their parents and siblings
Apprentices, Landeszentrum für Hör- und Sehbildung (school for children
and teenagers with hearing and visual impairments), Salzburg
Apprentices, metal engineering, vocational school Hallein
Unaccompanied refugee minors, Salzburg
Nicole Baïer, filmmaker, Salzburg

City of Memories / Salzburg Archives
Seniors, Salzburg
Eva-Maria Brunnauer, architect, Salzburg

The Museum as a Space of Action
Visitors to the exhibition
Nina Prader, text and image artist, Berlin, Vienna
Art Education Department, Museum der Moderne Salzburg


Director: Sabine Breitwieser
Organized by: Martina Pohn, Lena Hofer, Elisabeth Ihrenberger, Art Education, Museum der Moderne Salzburg; Lisa Noggler-Gürtler, Guest Curator, Innsbruck/Vienna

Sponsored by the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich and Wissensstadt Salzburg

In cooperation with: KulturKontakt Austria


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