Since the summer of 2019, the museum has been using the monitors of the MönchsbergAufzug as an extended exhibition space. Videos and films by both internationally renowned and young artists are presented for three months at a time. Thematically, the program is informed by the concurrent exhibitions, while at the same time offering a glimpse of the museum’s own media collection.   

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Performance is a focus of the artistic practice of Carola Dertnig (1963 Innsbruck, AT – Vienna, AT). Characterized by a critical, feminist look at society, her works mainly revolve around an examination of identity and role models. Juxtapositions of the familiar and the unfamiliar, the depiction of everyday actions pushed to sometimes absurd extremes, pointed humour and a specific selection of texts accentuate the complex themes of her work.

In the video Strangers, Dertnig herself appears as the protagonist and examines the experience of being out of place or behaving the wrong way in an everyday situation in public space: while walking through a railway station, she gradually loses a pair of tights she supposedly had forgotten in the leg of her trousers. Deliberately conceived as a gender-specific intervention, the resulting situation reveals standard perceptions of gender and space. The absurd scene is accompanied by a passage from a comedy sketch—Die Fremden (The Strangers, 1940) by Liesl Karlstadt and Karl Valentin, spoken in an English translation by Dertnig—about the concepts of the foreign and being an outsider.

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Carola Dertnig, Strangers, 2003
From the series “True Stories”
Video (color, sound), 3 min., loop
Museum der Moderne Salzburg, MA 21_1-7_1
Courtesy of the artist


Curator: Tina Teufel



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