Since the summer of 2019, the Museum der Moderne Salzburg has used the screens of the MönchsbergAufzug elevator as an extended exhibition gallery to whet arriving visitors’ appetite for art.

The artist Nevin Aladağ (1972, Van, Turkey—Berlin, DE) examines forms of cultural transfer and stereotypes of perception in her work, while also being interested in the poetic components of voices and sounds and dance as the expression of independence and freedom.

The 2012 video work Top View shown in the „Art in the Elevator“ series was originally created for a presentation in public space and is part of a number of video pieces in which the artist explores the social fabric of cities. In Munich she asked passersby to spontaneously dance for the camera, focusing on the moving feet. As a result of this focus, the dancers remain anonymous; the footwear and the dance moves, however, prompt speculation about their identity. The filmic composition of the altogether fifty clips takes into account both the visual rhythm of the movements and the sound made by the footwear. The upside-down device serves to create a humorous defamiliarization which is also reflected in the title of the work.


Curator: Tina Teufel



Museum der Moderne Salzburg 
Mönchsberg 32 
5020 Salzburg, Austria 

Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 9 
5020 Salzburg, Austria


Closed from December 26, 2020, until further notice, due to the current Covid-19 regulation.