Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker, Tropical Zincphony, 2013

Donna Conlon (1966 Atlanta, GA, US – Panama City, PA) and Jonathan Harker (1975 Quito, EC – Panama City, PA) have been working together since 2006, with their artistic practice focusing on Panama’s socio-political system and the problematic relationship between North and South America. In their videos, they tend to reflect in playful ways on issues like national identity, social behavior and mass consumption by using found objects and drawing on their intrinsic properties.

In Tropical Zincphony, the video piece presented as part of the “Art in the Elevator” series viewers accompany a mango on its journey along a path of corrugated metal sheets. Zinc sheet roofs forming veritable landscapes are typical of Panama – as is the mango. In the course of its erratic and noisy journey, the single mango is suddenly overrun by a group of other mangos charging from behind. The bumpy and unpredictable itinerary of the mango, which is at first alone and then disappears into the crowd, and the noise of the mangos hitting the zinc sheets (and inspiring the work’s ironic title) may be read as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on everyday life in the tropics.

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