Children & Families

Your Birthday at the Museum: Children’s Birthday Party

For your birthday, do you want to invite your friends to go on a voyage of discovery into the world of art with you? We’ll start in the exhibition and then head to the studio, where you can grab modeling clay or dip into paint pots to try your own hand at art-making. Choose a birthday theme that matches your interests and select one of our two venues: the Museum auf dem Mönchsberg or the Rupertinum in the heart of the old town.


Children’s birthday parties at a glance

Group size: depending on the birthday girl’s or boy’s age, ages five and up (with or without parents as desired)
Availability: Tuesdays through Fridays (except public holidays)
Duration & program: 2 hours
Exhibition visit (ca. 45 mins.), cake and gifts (ca. 25 mins.), and studio (ca. 50 mins.)
Meeting point: lobby, cash desk
Catering: salty snacks and drinks (parties can bring cake, muffins, torte, and more)
Languages: German and English
Fee: € 145 (does not include MönchsbergAufzug Lift)

Altstadt (Rupertinum)

Of Household Ghosts and Legendary Creatures

The Rupertinum is a pretty old building. We’ll explore it together from bottom to top until we reach the studio under the roof. We’ll be hungry for birthday cake and you’ll want to unwrap your gifts before we delve into the world of legendary animals. We’re excited about the winged crocodiles, fire-spitting squirrels, and all sorts of other unbelievable creatures we’ll watch coming to life in the studio! You and your guests can paint on canvas or model your creations in clay. Please let us know before you come which one you prefer.