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Upcoming exhibitions

01.10.2022 — 05.02.2023
Altstadt (Rupertinum)
01.10.2022 — 05.02.2023
Generali Foundation Study Center, Altstadt (Rupertinum)
22.10.2022 — 10.04.2023
19.11.2022 — 12.03.2023
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26.11.2022 — 12.03.2023

Art in the Elevator

With kind support from the Salzburg AG, the monitors of the MönchsbergAufzug are used as an extended exhibition space. Video and film works by both internationally renowned and emerging artists are presented for three months at a time. Thematically, the program is informed by current exhibitions, while at the same time offering a glimpse into the museum’s own media collection.



03.11.2022 — 30.01.2023
MönchsbergAufzug Lift