(1) Request timeframes
International prospective borrowers must submit loan requests at least twelve months before the scheduled opening of an exhibition; six months are sufficient for Austrian borrowers.

(2) Loan request
Your loan request should include the following:

  • the borrower’s name and address, including the name of the contact person, and VAT identification number
  • a list of the work(s) requested (with inventory numbers where available)
  • the title of the planned exhibition
  • the exhibition venue
  • the exhibition dates and requested loan term
  • an exhibition proposal (2 pages max.) and, for thematic exhibitions, a list of all artists to be featured
  • a short statement explaining the relevance of the work(s) to the exhibition
  • a facility report (obligatory for first-time borrowers)
  • information on any publications planned in conjunction with the exhibition

(3) Expenses and charges
Borrowers must defray all expenses in connection with the loan.
Borrowers should expect the following expenses and charges:

  • processing and administration
  • condition reports and documentation
  • transportation
  • insurance

Additional expenses and charges may be incurred for:

  • conservation or restoration measures
  • the production of exhibition, film, and video copies
  • couriers (travel and lodging expenses, daily fee, per diem)
  • framing and display equipment

Such expenses and charges are communicated to the prospective borrower and recorded in the loan agreement together with the loan conditions.

(4) Requirements for the loans from the Museum der Moderne’s collections
Completion of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg’s standard loan agreement is mandatory for all loans from the museum’s collections. Insurance is purchased from the museum’s art insurance provider for the entire time the work is in transit and in the borrower’s care. The premium is passed on to the borrower. The lender and borrower agree on the insurance sum.

(5) Requirements for loans from the Generali Foundation Collection
Completion of the Generali Foundation’s standard loan agreement is mandatory for all loans. Loaned objects are insured “from nail to nail” for the entire loan period with Arte Generali. The premium is passed on to the borrower. The extent of the sum insured shall be deemed agreed.

Image requests and reproduction orders

These are subject to charges. Please direct requests to:
For works from the Museum der Moderne Salzburg’s collections and the Austrian Federal Photography Collection: bildarchiv(at)
For works from the Generali Foundation Collection: GFbildarchiv(at)

You can download the information from this page here (PDF).

Lending Charges
You can download an overview of the lending charges here (PDF).