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Cooperation instead of competition


Perspectives of Economy for the common Good in regards to Salzburg companies

Since April 27, 2019 we present in the exhibition all natural. 100% collections works by artists, who deal with the complex frame of reference between humans and the environment. True to the principle of regionalism, the curator Christina Penetsdorfer has developed a framework program for the exhibition, which is dedicated to the immediate living environment of the Salzburg residents. The kick-off event was the all natural Forum in June, a platform for local and regional associations, producers, traders and others committed to an environmentally conscious way of producing and living. The aim of the forum, which will be continued on September 14, 2019, is the exchange and information about ecologically sustainable alternatives of consumption in the city of Salzburg. As a second event, we will be organizing a public discussion on the subject of the common good economy on September 11th.

What is Economy for the common Good?
Concepts on alternative economic models that include considerations of environmental sustainability, social justice, human dignity, and democratic participation have existed since the 1990s. Economy for the common Good, which is based on values such as cooperation and solidarity, sees itself as an alternative to the capitalist market economy and is now practiced by numerous Austrian and German companies. It is no longer a question of whether the model can be implemented, but how the implementation can succeed best.

The Panel
For the panel on September 11th, we invited Salzburg companies that are already operating according to the principles of Economy for the common Good (GWÖ) or are at the beginning of the transition to the GWÖ. The roundtable deals with basic questions such as the difficulties faced by companies when they take the step of switching to an Economy for the common Good or how different institutions can individually respond to the requirements and values of the GWÖ. Thorsten Sadowsky, Director, and Friedrun Schwanzer, Managing Director, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, lead the discussion.

ARGE Kultur (Daniela Gmachl, Kaufmännische Geschäftsführung)
Robert-Jungk-Bibliothek für Zukunftsfragen (Hans Holzinger)
Hotel & Villa Auersperg (Bettina Wiesinger)
TRUMER Privatbrauerei (Josef Sigl, Unternehmer)
Gemeinwohlökonomie – Regionalgruppe Salzburg (Sabine Lehner, Leiterin Regionalgruppe, Unternehmensberaterin)
Bildungszentrum St. Virgil (Reinhard Weinmüller, Wirtschaftsdirektor)
Genossenschaft für Gemeinwohl (Lisa Muhr, GWÖ-Pionierin, ehem. Geschäftsführerin von "Göttin des Glücks")
Lebenshilfe Salzburg (Guido Güntert, Geschäfstführer)

The all natural Forum
After a successful debut on 15 June, the 2nd all natural Forum will be held in front of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg on the Mönchsberg on Saturday 14th September 2019 from 11am to 4pm. Participants this time are: Erdling - Verein für solidarische kooperative Landwirtschaft, Das Bonaudelta, Stadtimkerei Greimel, ZERUM Lifestyle, Erdbär Organic Warehouse, Labalaba, Sawa - Handcrafted Goods, Humboldt Stubn Restaurant & Bar, Trumer Privatbrauerei. In addition to a guided tour at 2 pm through the exhibition all natural. 100% Collections with the curator Christina Penetsdorfer, our art education also offers an "upcycling workshop" for the whole family. Participation free.