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Talking about art in ping-pong

Modern and contemporary art raises questions. We have asked various people for answers - and there are always more to come

Modern and contemporary art raises questions. They can express astonishment, be the start of a thought process, be provocative or show interest. We have listed some questions to which there is not one universally valid answer. It is therefore not about answering a question correctly or incorrectly, but about exchanging opinions and playing with different attitudes. We have invited various people to give their answers to the questions and new answers are constantly being added!

Do I need to understand art?
“No, I don't think you have to understand art.  I like to make up my own mind about the artworks at exhibitions. Nevertheless, I also read the descriptions in the exhibition. I think it's good that more and more museums are offering descriptions in easy language.”
- Sandra Stangassinger (works in the inclusive library / Lebenshilfe Salzburg, trained volunteer librarian, intern in the archive of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg)

What makes a work of art a work of art?
 “At best, a work of art makes me wonder, it irritates me, it makes me marvel, it fascinates me, it makes me laugh or cry - it does something to me! It stimulates conversations, discussions and exchanges with others - regardless of whether I could do the same, regardless of the material or medium, regardless of whether it is large or small, fragile or solid. It touches me emotionally.”
- Lisa Überbacher (Head of Exhibition Management at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg)

What is modern art for you?
“Modern art is an extension of our reality. It can build bridges between the past, present and future. Modern art stands on the pillars of theme, inspiration and aesthetics, but is not afraid to burst the last pillar if it serves the idea. Aesthetics invites viewers inside, theme triggers thoughts and creates dialogs and inspiration brings about change.”
- Sasa Asceric (Visitor Service at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg)

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Want more questions about art?
In the anniversary exhibitions at the Museum der Moderne you will find more questions on the walls. You can find answers and more information in the guide in the MuseumStars app. There you will find sound bites from artists, background information on artistic techniques, a look behind the scenes and new perspectives on old themes.

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