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Artistic, Architectural and Political-Economic Performance

23.11.2023 | 09:30 — 20:00
Mönchsberg Auditorium

The conference will take up reflections from the volume Notions of Temporalities in Artistic Practice, published in summer 2022, and discuss the associated question of ideas of productivity: What ideas of productivity underlie concepts of time? How do these notions influence the formation of networks of relationships and positions as well as aesthetic and conceptual practices?

The volume Notions of Temporalities in Artistic Practice was published by Degruyter in summer 2022. The contributions to this publication deal with concepts of time and temporality in the context of historical and contemporary artistic positions. The pursuit of the situational, the processual and the current, as well as reflections on anachronistic practices, questions of community building and the ephemeral nature of sound are the central themes of the volume. The conference Artistic, Architectural, and Political-Economic Performance in the Interplay of Productivity and Temporality aims to take up these considerations and discuss the associated question of ideas of productivity.

These questions will be negotiated from a transdisciplinary perspective. The investigation of the interrelations between artistic form, political-economic ideas and spatial conditions is intended to open up the field for the imaginative potential of deconstruction and the development of a critical-reflexive position on the question of productivity.



  • 09.30am: 
    • Opening remarks by Harald Krejci (Museum der Moderne Salzburg) & Mario Kostal (Universität Mozarteum)
  • 10am: 
    • Introduction: Anamarija Batista
  • 10:45am to 12:15pm:
    • Iris Laner (Mozarteum University, Art Education)
    • Hanno Millesi (Writer)
    • Moderation: Thomas Ballhausen

- - - Break - - -

  • 12.40pm to 1.30pm: 

- - - Lunch Break - - -

  • 2.30 to 4pm: 
    • Karmen Franinović (ZhdK, Interaction Design)
    • Arthur Summereder (ifk Artist in Residence University of Art and Design Linz, Filmmaker)
    • Moderation: Kai Ohrem

- - - Break - - -

  • 4.30 to 6pm: 
    • Bojan Kristofić (University of Zagreb, Art History & Theory)
    • Barbara Reisinger (University of Stuttgart, Art History & Theory)
    • Moderation: tba
  • 6pm to 7.30pm: 
    • Keynote Speaker: Salomé Voegelin
    • Moderation: Sven Anderson & Anamarija Batista


Fri, 11/24/2023

  • 10am to 11.30: 
    • Jovanka Popova (Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Curator)
    • Seth Weiner (University of Linz, Artist)
    • Moderation: Eva-Maria Schitter

- - - Break - - -

- - - Lunch Break - - -

  • 1.30 to 3pm:
    • Duga Mavrinac (University of Zagreb, Ethnographic Museum Pazin)
    • Eva Heitzinger-Weiser (Mozarteum University, History)
    • Moderation: Birke Sturm

- - - Break - - -

  • 3.20pm to 4.50pm: 
    • Budour Khalil (University of Technology Graz, Art History & Theory)
    • Tristan Denis (Versailles School of Architecture, Art History & Theory)
    • Moderation: Eva Kovač
  • 4.50pm to 17.15pm:
    • Closing remarks: Harald Krejci (Museum der Moderne Salzburg)


Registration required: register here

Thursday | 23.11.2023 | 09:30 — 20:00
Mönchsberg Auditorium

The conference will be held from Thursday, Nov. 23, until Friday, Nov. 24.

Organized by the Museum der Moderne Salzburg. Initiated by the Mozarteum University Salzburg, Department of Fine Arts and Design

Free participation
Registration required: register here


Supported by: City of Salzburg, Province of Salzburg, International Society of Mozarteum University Salzburg

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