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Kunstspaziergang spezial mit Jorisch Family Artist in Residence Danica Olders

15.08.2024 | 15:00 — 16:00

Der Kunstspaziergang wird von der diesjährigen Jorish Family Artist in Residence Danica Olders geleitet und lädt ein zu informellen Gesprächen und Erkundungen der Stadt.
In englischer Sprache

Like the allure of a self-driving car, allowing a person the potential to do something else during a monotonous repetitive commute, routines let the mind drift to other things as the body knows where it needs to go. Routine affords one the space to daydream. Because of this freedom, people become quite attached to their routines rendering them difficult to change, break or unlearn. Exploring the city in a group formation, we will discuss routine, territoriality and unlearning patterns within daily life. While walking together, we can see if any regular or remembered paths/places are traversed and also discuss their significance. 


About the Artist:

Danica Olders research creation practice centres around the exploration of space. Not outer space but the space between people; the distance from a person to their connected walls/objects, the ownership felt of said spaces and the interactive energy possessed by them. As an artist, she activates narratives by designing environments where movement through space is critical to the work. Her goal thus far has been to understand, question and experience space, her place in the world and the world as a place itself. There are histories, legends and myths associated with space as life shifts and builds within it. Places are erased and rewritten as linear time chugs forward. Through constructed forms, ceramics, textiles, painting and text, Danica explores the dichotomy of public vs private mythologies inherent in spatial experiences and subvert reality for self reflection and critique. 

Donnerstag | 15.08.2024 | 15:00 — 16:00

Treffpunkt: Museumsfoyer, Mönchsberg
Kosten: € 4
Info: Der Kunstspaziergang wird anstelle der Überblicksführungührung um 15 Uhr angeboten.

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